This weekend “The Thing” prequel was released! I can state, this time with 100% real life experience… don’t bother. Probably better off taking your niece/nephew/some random kid off the street, to see Real Steel so you can justify watching robots fight each other. Or be like me and just watch it anyway because you want to see robots fight. Or better yet, rent the original Thing. You’ll save yourself a lot of eye-rolling. Better yet, save your money for the third Paranormal Activity this coming weekend. That being said, The Thing made $8.5 million according to so I’m sure someone liked it.

The Avengers

“A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To Thor’s Hammer” is a fun short film that was released on the Captain America DVD. Just how awesome is Agent Coulson? Well, check out the link to find out! Here’s hoping we’ll get to see more of him.

The Crow Remake

It sounds like that the remake for The Crow isn’t going very well, and that’s putting it lightly. Their lead actor, Bradley Cooper, left to do the Paradise Lost movie, and earlier than that they lost their director, Stephen Norrington. Now Juan Carlos Fresnadillo (who you might know from 28 Weeks Later) has also left the project he was supposed to be directing. No one knows if this marks the official end to The Crow’s remake dreams, but it seems like no one is staying on board for this particular project.

Attack the Block

Did you love Attack the Block? Did you see it? If the answer is no then stop whatever you’re doing, even if it’s reading this, and get to it. For those of you that have, it seems that producer Edgar Wright has been chatting with director Joe Cornish about plans for a sequel, or possibly a remake for TV. Nothing’s set in stone, but it seems like neither Wright nor Cornish are done with this concept yet!

Thor 2

Okay, so this time it’s official. Thor 2 has its director in Patty Jenkins (Monster) and the release date will be November 15, 2013. Reportedly, Chris Hemsworth, Natalie Portman, and Tom Hiddleston will all be back for the sequel. Guess that means we can probably rule out Loki biting the dust in The Avengers.

Game of Thrones

Nice thing about Game of Thrones: There are so many characters that we just keep getting more casting news! Lord Richard Karstark will be played by John Stahl (Quinn in the original Being Human), and Qhorin Halfhand will be played by Simon Armstrong (he’s a veteran of various British soaps). Ygritte, a wildling who every fan of the series knows well, will be played by Rose Leslie (Downtown Abby).  Check out Martin’s blog for more details!