This weekend Immortals hit the theatres and boy oh boy is it ever a fun mess. But I suppose the point is that it’s a really fun mess. While I might not recommend taking your grandparents or small children to see it, if you and your friends want to see a bloody, beautiful, and silly movie, this might be the one to go with. It’s only got a 32% on Rotten Tomatoes, and that’s well deserved, but you might be missing one of the best big budget schlock fests around if you miss it.

Mad Max: Road Fury

The long delayed fourth movie (brought to us by George Miller) is on the way. The film will star Tom Hardy, Charlize Theron, and Nicholas Hoult, Tom Hardy playing Mad Max. Miller says that the film has evolved a lot since his last serious attempt from 2003, from vehicles to characters, and that we shouldn’t expect a rehash of old stuff. Check out more information on the film over at the Playlist!

The Hunger Games

I’ll keep this short and sweet! We’ve finally got the first trailer for the Hunger Games, and it’s giving a lot of build up towards the Games without showing much of them. I’d say that I’m most excited to see Lenny Kravitz playing Cinna, because he looks great, but do you guys see anything that really jumps out at you? Check it out over on youtube!

The Dark Knight Rises

Production has officially wrapped on The Dark Knight Rises! The film has been shooting for just over six months, so now Nolan and the crew have eight months until the film is scheduled to release where all the fine-tuning will take place. There have been a lot of shots floating around on the film which you can find all over the place. Remember to expect the six minute preview at IMAC screenings of Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol. There will also probably be another preview rearing its head around December.

Doctor Who

David Yates, known for directing the last four Harry Potter movies, had just told Variety that he and Jane Tranter of BBC Worldwide are beginning the development of none other than a Doctor Who movie. Yeah, you heard movie.

Apparently this will have nothing to do with either Russell T Davies nor Steven Moffat’s run on the show, as they want to have a fresh take on the Doctor and start from scratch. So I guess that means David Tennant and Matt Smith won’t be starring.


Speaking of things I’m pretending aren’t happening, there’s more news on this disaster. Garrett Hedlund is the possible Kaneda, and now Kristen Stewart is the rumoured love interest of the film, Kei. I actually have no issue with either of these two actors.. in a different movie.

The Hobbit

Back on the “Awesome” front, the first trailer for The Hobbit is due next month. Andy Serkis was talking to IGN and he thinks we should be getting our first taste around Christmas. To be fair, there probably might not be much to see, but any news from this is good news for me!

Being Human (UK)

And back to potentially awful things. Russell Tovey has announced that he won’t be back after season four of Being Human, which will be showing early 2012, so it will be our last chance to catch a glimpse of our favourite werewolf. This means that Being Human has officially lost two of its original three stars, since Aidan Turner left to do The Hobbit at the end of season three. Well, that’s depressing.