This week brought us Pirates! Band of Misfits. It only came in second at the box office, bringing in 11.1 million, but it’s managed to get some extremely positive reviews! A good movie for you and/or your family, and it seems to be all in good fun!

But, let’s be honest. This weekend the Avengers hits theatres. Finally. And it has been flooded with good reviews that are hailing it as the best comic book movie ever. So I know where all of you will be. And I will see you there.


International trailer alert! And it looks totally awesome. Yet another movie I would claw off my own face for! Which may or may not kind of look like will happen in this movie. Or acid-face. I can’t tell. Hey, this movie might ACTUALLY be getting an R rating! Who knew?

The Dark Knight Rises

Well, well, well. Bane’s voice is clearer, Catwoman is looking more like a hero instead of a villain, and things would seem really serious. A lot is going on in the latest trailer of The Dark Knight Rises, so take a look!

The Graveyard Book

Disney has officially okayed Neil Gaiman's The Graveyard Book for the big screen! Though who will be the director? Originally it seemed that Henry Selick was lined up for the job, as in the link, but since then around Tumblr and Twitter it would seem that he’s actually currently on a “secret Pixar project”. HMMM.

Fantastic Four

Okay, so it’s all official now. Josh Trank, the director of Chronicle (which I loved.) has been brought in by Fox to direct their new Fantastic Four movie! Awesome.

Rise of the Planet of the Apes 2

In the biggest mouthful ever, Fox has announced that by the end of the summer they’ll have started production on the sequel to the incredibly popular (and awesome) Rise of The Planet of… you know how it goes. The Wolverine was also on their list of films to begin production.

Iron Man 3

Scarlett Johansson will not actually be back for this movie. Boo. Am I the only one holding out for a Black Widow movie? Maybe a Black Widow and Hawkeye movie? Please?

Doctor Who

Riann Steele will be playing the Egyptian Queen Nefertiti in the seventh season! Egypt lovers (Me. I mean me.) rejoice! We’ll also be seeing Michael McShane show up as a villain, which he has been tweeting about a lot recently. All good things.


Speaking of good things! Fringe has been renewed for it’s fifth and final season. That means that there are thirteen episodes which will wrap up the show in its entirety, and we’re going to get all the answers we want. Or so I hope anyway. JJ has hurt me before. In all seriousness, I can’t wait to see how this one ends.

Game of Thrones

Io9 has managed to locate some truly awesome concept art for season 2!