Last weekend, The Avengers continued to break the box office, and has gone well past one billion worldwide. As an interesting side note, Shawarma sales in Los Angeles have gone up 80% since the movie was released. Make of that what you will.

Oh, Dark Shadows also came out and managed a reasonable 29.7 million, despite its fairly mediocre reviews. So I was entirely right last week, and can now reveal that I can see the future.

Which means I can give you your spoilers!

Iron Man 3

Reports would have it that James Badge Dale (The Pacific/Rubicon) is in talks to play a villain by the name of Savin. For the non-comic-savvy, Eric Savin is a Lieutenant Colonel who runs over a land-mine and is brought back as a cyborg known as Coldblood. This could have something to do with the nanobot storyline reportedly in the works.

Justice League

I’m pretty sure everyone over at Warner Brothers was probably running around like a chicken with its head cut off last week, considering the obscene amount of money the Avengers just made. For some reason, Warner Brothers has never really been able to make a Justice League movie come together, and outside of Batman, they haven’t done very well with Superhero movies in general. But now it looks like they’re making an attempt to rally, and are tossing around Christopher Nolan’s name as a possible director.

Considering Nolan said he was done with Batman, I’m not really sure that’s going to happen.


Like clockwork, Ridley Scott keeps releasing things that make me want to see this movie. Check out the latest viral video for Prometheus here!


More casting for a movie that needs to stop making me want to see it. Alex Russell (Chronicle) has been cast as Carrie’s bullying classmate, and Ansel Elgor (an off-Broadway actor) has been cast as the classmate who takes her to Prom.


Hot on the heels of The Avengers comes one of the members of the team that didn’t make it into the movie. Edgar Wright’s new film will likely begin filming this year, so keep an eye out for casting and location news!

Star Trek 2

According to co-writer Roberto Orci, the second movie will be neither a remake nor a rehash. This is apparently in response to accusations that Benedict Cumberbatch will be playing Khan. So, I take that as a cryptic non-direct, “No.”

Beetlejuice 2

While I am still in denial that this is happening, writer Seth Grahame-Smith has been talking about it anyway. He’s started writing, and has noted that he’s taking it very seriously, and is most afraid of what the fans will say. That’s a healthy fear.

The Amazing Spider-Man

There have been some lengthy trailers and clips revealed for the upcoming movie. While I’m still on the fence about it, some do look pretty cool.

Beauty and the Beast

Well, since The Secret Circle was just cancelled over at CW, it looks like its slot will be filled with the new Kristin Kreuk show, which has been picked up.

Other Superhero Shows

Oddly, even with the success of The Avengers, a lot of superhero TV shows can’t seem to get off the ground. AKA Jessica Jones and a potential Punisher show have both been passed on, and production for a Hulk show seems to be on the back burner rather than at the forefront. Odd, especially because I was really looking forward to a Jessica Jones show.