So, the Lorax successfully destroyed my childhood this weekend. It brought in 70.2 million at the box office, and managed to hit 57% on rotten tomatoes. In somewhat improved news, John Carter is coming out this weekend. That has been getting some mixed reviews, but I’m holding out for a win.

Now, on to the spoilers!

Chronicle 2

Max Landis, writer of the first Chronicle movie, has been summoned to pen a script for the follow up movie. Since that flick was a wonderful and unexpected treat at a really boring time for movies, I’m pleased by the news. Maybe we can find out what the thing in the cave was.


Speaking of Chronicle, director Josh Tank has been called up by Sony to direct a stand-alone version of Venom to follow up The Amazing Spider Man. This is weird. This apparently has no connection to the old version of the film they were planning from back around 2008. I suppose we’ll have to wait and see with this one.


There have been some pretty cool viral Prometheus images going around the internet as of late! We can now see the high resolution Star Map, which has finally convinced me that this will probably be very worth seeing in 3D. You can find some of the stunning images over at First Showing!

The Hunger Games

I’ve read The Hunger Games, and I think Cinna (who will be played by Lenny Kravitz) was one of my favourite characters. In this newly released scene, I can safely say that I’m excited to see this version of the character, and that Kravitz will do a stellar job in the role. Check it out and see if you agree with me!

Cabin In The Woods

We’re all aware now that I’m a huge Joss Whedon fan, right? Well, I will be attaching myself to this genre-bending horror-slasher-science-fiction-thing the second it hits theatres, and the trailers are only making me want it more. I’m all in.

The Avengers

New trailer: Good. In German: Not so good if you don’t speak German. But I have a translation! See folks, it’s good to know people who can speak other languages.

Tony and Steve:
Tony: And following orders is obviously not my style.
Steve: And everyone knows that style is all you care about.
Tony: From all the people around here, who wears the most figure-hugging outfit?

Tony, Bruce, and Steve:
Tony: I promise a stress-free environment. No surprises.
Bruce: Ow!
Steve: Hey!
Tony: You really got it under control, don't you? What’s your secret? Relaxing Jazz, Bongo Drums?
Steve: Is everything like a joke to you?
Tony: If it's funny!

Avatar: Legend of Korra

Now, I know we at SPACE have no affiliation with the Avatar TV series aside from a rather ripping review I did when The Last Airbender came out, but I am a huge fan of this franchise. I have never been so excited to see a children’s TV show in my entire life. And, in hopes of rallying others to the cause, I give you two leaked scenes from the upcoming Korra series, which I will not hesitate to spoil.