So, despite getting mostly mediocre reviews, Snow White and the Huntsman managed a respectable 56.3 million for it's opening weekend. I haven't seen it yet, but I have heard that it's worth it for Charlize Theron's Evil Queen. You don't see a lot of megalomaniacal evil enchantresses anymore, but I'm glad to hear she rocked it. If someone's going to carry a movie, I'm glad it's the good old fashioned Evil Queen.

Next weekend it's another Charlize Theron movie, though she'll be part of an awesome ensemble cast, when Prometheus hits the theatres. This is it folks, the big science fiction fish. My hopes are high, and initial reviews are positive. Let's do this.

Until then though, spoilers abound!

Iron Man 3

I feel like I missed a memo on how far along this was already. But we're already getting the first set photos, so off we go ladies and gentlemen!

The Dark Knight Rises

Is officially two hours and forty-five minutes long. So make sure you pee before this one starts, folks. There's also a new trailer out for the film, and it has me feeling more enthused than ever before! Seems like the story is coming together a little better than I previously thought.

Mad Max: Road Fury

Man, Charlize Theron is in everything lately. I'm okay with that. She has confirmed that she'll be in Namibia shortly to film the fourth Mad Max movie along with Tom Hardy (Of Inception and The Dark Knight Rises). She also said that she isn't sure they'll be able to keep the violence in the movie PG-13, and claims it is one of the most intense scripts she's ever read. I'm in.

True Blood

Tara's back. For sure. Confirmed. She's in. Not dead. How that's happening when she's missing half her head, I have no idea. I'm hoping for some intense makeup.


Stan Parrish, the Alpha who can heal himself, will be making a triumphant return in the coming season two, according to new showrunner Bruce Miller. The battle between Parrish and Rosen will also be the main drive of next season, and I can hardly wait to see how that one plays out. Thoughts?

Doctor Who

We BELIEVE we know the name of the Doctor's new companion. It's Clara. No last name as of yet. We're working on it.