In the battle between two raunchy movies each involving "magic," Ted came out on top of the box office over Mike, $54.4M to $39.1M - but with the rebooted Amazing Spider-Man already breaking mid-week records (and earning decent reviews), they'll likely be fighting for scraps in their second weekend. What say you, true believers? Have you seen and liked any of the three movies?

Speaking of Marvel, let's kick off this week's spoiler round-up.

AKA the leading-up-to-Avengers-era. Marvel's let slip a number of details about their plans, some official (a 12-minute AVENGERS DVD epilogue starring that Mean Girl from Cloverfield, Lizzy Caplan! A GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY movie!), some less (an IRON MAN 3 set pic that might reveal a plot point; the return of Cobie Smulders, above, to watch over Tony Stark as SHIELD's Maria Hill). Most interestingly, that last link suspects an Iron Man 3 character's history in the comics means the end-credits scene for Tony's third solo flick might introduce ANT-MAN - which lines up with how Scott Pilgrim's Edgar Wright just directed a screen test for the character, and hoped to film something else Ant-Man-related this year. Interesting...

That was a lot to digest, so let's keep the rest of these simple:

Bald Matt Damon, with a giant gun, looking scared. If this first image from the film - a sci-fi thriller from the director of District 9 - doesn't excite you, then... well, it's Friday. Maybe you're just tired. Come back Monday, see how you feel.

This news has been out for a while, but just so no Fringe Fanatics get mad, click here to find out the setting of the upcoming final season (and I'm not talking about the parallel universe).

An amazing, longer trailer has arrived for the time-travel thriller where Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Bruce Willis play the same character, 30 years apart. Did JGL pluck his eyebrows to look more Willis-y? If so, totally method.

Why not celebrate (slash mourn?) the end of principal photography on Peter Jackson's prequel by gazing upon some beautiful new photos from the film? Dwarves and elves and Hobbits, oh my!

According to Entertainment Weekly, fans of the original graphic novels are really looking forward to the prison glimpsed at the end of season 2 - which leads me to believe some major stuff is gonna go down this season. Peek at the new locale in EW's exclusive pics.

And finally, four words: Bowler. Hats. Are. Cool.