It is a new year my friends! New movies, new shows, new spoilers! So I hope you enjoyed your break as much as I enjoyed mine, because we’re back in the game. What did you see this weekend? Last weekend? Let’s go over the numbers, shall we?

After this past weekend, The Devil inside was the highest grossing flick, at 34.5 million, though it was also the lowest rated according to good old Rotten Tomatoes, with only a 7% approval rating. Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, Sherlock Holmes: Game of Shadows, and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo all raked in over ten million, and at least a 60% rating. So you may be in better luck checking those out.

Now, on to the spoilers!


Ding dong the witch is dead! This was my happiest news over the holiday, as apparently the live-action remake of the classic anime is dead in the water. Alas, coming back this week, the horrible news was unleashed that it might still be crawling back from the grave. After the budget was revisited, for whatever reason, the studio is keen to keep this one going.

Couldn’t I have ONE Christmas miracle, guys?

Star Trek 2

It seems that the movie has found its villain in everyone’s favourite Sherlock. And no, I’m not talking about Robert Downey Jr. I mean BBC’s Benedict Cumberbatch, who will already be playing Smaug in The Hobbit. The British star is really biting into some ironic villain roles. We don’t know who he’ll be playing just yet, but as he will be the villain, it’s probably whoever Benicio Del Toro was originally intended to play.

The Hobbit

Speaking of The Hobbit and Mr. Cumberbatch, he has a lot more going on in The Hobbit than just Smaug. He told Empire Online,

“I’m playing Smaug through motion-capture and voicing the Necromancer, which is a character in the Five Legions War or something which I’m meant to understand. He’s not actually in the original Hobbit. It’s something [Peter Jackson]’s taken from Lord Of The Rings that he wants to put in there."

For those of us who are total nerds (Me. I mean me.) you know that the Necromancer is Sauron, which leads me to believe that there is going to be an awful lot of stuff in The Hobbit which was not in the actual book. It seems that some of the more serious Lord of the Rings mythology will be at play here.

I am so excited. Plus, have you seen the trailer yet? They had me at Dwarf singing.

Carrie: Remake

Really? Do we need this? I mean, on the bright side, Kimberly Peirce (Boys Don’t Cry) is on the docket to direct. Less bright side, Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa (Who rewrote the flopped Broadway show Spiderman: Turn Off the Dark). Even less bright side, someone is going to have to replace actress Sissy Spacek. Still, a great director can go a long way when it comes to remaking already-great movies, so maybe it’ll work. Maybe.

Underworld 4

Shut up. I don’t care how bad it is, I love this franchise. If anyone except for me cares there are five fun clips here for the new Underworld movie. Just in time for me to fill my desire for some hardcore werewolf (Lycan) on vampire violence.

Stop looking at me like that.

Game of Thrones

Here’s a pretty cool behind-the-scenes video of making Renly’s armour for season two of Game of Thrones! If you’re into costumes, armour, or just really cool medieval stuff, I’d take a look!

Being Human (US)

Hey, did you know that Dichen Lachman (Dollhouse’s Sierra) will be appearing in the second season of Being Human? She’s a sight for sore eyes! She’ll be playing the vampire Suren, who apparently has quite a complicated past with resident vampire Aiden.