So, The Grey came out this weekend. It’s getting some pretty stellar reviews. It’s topping the box office with 19.7 million. I haven’t seen it, but if you’re into survival action, looks like it’s a decent one. Not very science fiction or fantasy though. What’s a little closer to what we want? Let me see… Oh! Here we go! Two things I’ve said almost nothing about, though all preliminary reports will tell you are looking awesome:

Harry Potter’s “The Woman In Black” (I’m so sorry Daniel.) and “Chronicle”, the movie that makes the Akira remake totally irrelevant, will be coming out today! The Woman in Black is a horror story which has been said to actually be scary (Wouldn’t that be a nice change of pace) and Chronicle, the found-footage story of a group of friends who discover they have superpowers. They both sound interesting and thus far have the critics buzzing with excitement. Worth checking out perhaps?

Now on to the spoilers!

John Carter

Cool beans, io9 has delivered unto us some of the concept art for the upcoming epic science fiction flick. Of course, there will probably be no satisfying long-time Carter fans, but let’s be honest, all of us have experienced that moment of “Not as good as the original”. It’s how we work.


More from io9, we have some footage of Chronicle, which I talked about earlier. If you want to get a better idea of what the movie will actually be like, here’s a good way to find out. I can safely say I will be filling a seat this weekend.

X-Men: First Class

Well, it’s on folks. There will be a sequel to the successful First Class movie, with Matthew Vaughn back as director, Simon Kinberg as the writer, and the triumphant return of Bryan Singer to the role of producer. No talk of dates or returning actors yet (probably a good thing so early on), but it’s all in motion now.


Oh Vin Diesel, I can’t stop loving you. Here are some pictures from the man himself, and a few of his comments on returning to the role. I am certainly looking forward to seeing this on screen again, I was lacking a certain glowing-eyed serial killer in my life.

Green Arrow

CW is making a Green Arrow show! Bummer for Smallville’s Green Arrow, Justin Hartley, because Stephan Amell has been cast in the role. Aww, looks like he won’t be appearing on the next season of Hung. Which I neither watch nor endorse. Really. Not at all.

Other CW Shows

So, there were a bunch of leaked upcoming show-titles and basic descriptions that io9 managed to get a hold of, so here are some descriptions of them: Gotham, created by Michael Green (Heroes) a lady cop finds a magical world that exists in New York City. The Selection, 300 years from now a poor girl is chosen via lottery to be Queen of her war torn nation. Joey Dakota, a romantic time-traveling musical. I’m just going to stop that right there.

More news as I get it!

True Blood

Have you been watching True Blood with us? Well, if you have, that’s great! But you should also be aware that season five is getting geared up to go, and it would seem that a certain villain is marching back.

Promise I won’t spoil it for you.

Game of Thrones

Season Two trailer! Now, who wants to squeal like a fangirl with me?