I guess some movies came out last weekend. None of them mattered and you’ll probably never hear about them again though, so let’s move on to what’s coming out this weekend! Hot on the heels of a recent Marvel lawsuit, we have Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance! I actually didn’t see the first movie, because I heard it was awful, and I probably won’t see this one, because it will probably be awful. So I suppose the spy flick that is secretly a Star Trek movie, called This Means War is coming out. That seems to also be on the verge of being universally panned though.

So, who wants to see Chronicle again with me this week? No one? Fine. On to the spoilers everybody!

Transformers 4

If you happened to go on the internet, you already know this is happening. If you don’t, then I’m really sorry for bringing it up. But it would seem that in order for Michael Bay to be allowed to do his dream project, he must first return to Transformers. Apparently this will be quite a departure from the last films, attempting to go more for action and less for humour, and doing us all a favour by leaving out the humans from the previous three films. So good news, bad news.

Beauty and the Beast

Guillermo del Toro has just announced that he will be (after finishing Pacific Rim) taking a stab at the resurgence of fairy tales with Beauty and the Beast! The film is set to star Emma Watson and being penned by Andrew Davies, but we don’t know much else just yet. I’ll tell you more when I know more!

Cabin Fever

So. Recent reports have led to the conclusion that there will be not one, but two, Cabin Fever Prequels coming out soon. They will be called, Cabin Fever: Patient Zero, and Cabin Fever: Outbreak. Huh. Okay.


Idris Elba (who I love and so should you.) has finally confirmed that while the story will be different, Prometheus is at the very least set in the same universe as the Alien movies. He does claim that it isn’t a direct prequel as well. Really, you should watch the interview over at MTV.

Snow White and the Huntsman

Some new promo photos have been released for this fairytale, and you know what? I’m pumped. I think it looks cool. Thor and Bella can fight giant pig-bear-monsters in the woods forever as far as I’m concerned.

The Adventures of Tintin 2

Spielberg has been kind enough to confirm that a sequel is in the works, and that Peter Jackson will be taking over for him as director. Since these two made a great team for the first film, I’m quite looking forward to the second flick.


So this isn’t exactly science fiction/fantasy, but we do horror too so here’s some news. NBC has ordered a thirteen-episode Hannibal series, forgoing a Pilot, which will retell Red Dragon. Bryan Fuller appears to be heading the project, and you’ll probably know him from Star Trek (Voyager and Deep Space Nine), Dead Like Me, Heroes, and Pushing Daisies. He’s done quite a bit, so I’m confident he could put out quite the series.


Katie Cassidy, also known to us as Ruby from Supernatural, has been cast as Laurel, an attorney who will be romantically involved with our hero, Oliver Queen.

Game of Thrones

More Game of Thrones news has been carrying around the internet, and this time with video from Iceland, which will be playing the role of North of the Wall in season two. Check out the video of everyone being very cold at io9.com!