2009's The Final Destination, as the title implies, was meant to be the last film in the Death-messed-up-and-he-gonna-get-ya-back franchise. But it made more money than any of its three predecessors. Therefore, like Final Fantasy - so named because it was going to be the developer's final project - the producers decided to ignore the irony of carrying on, and here we are days after the release of Final Destination 5.

On the plus side, first-time director Steven Quale (previously the second unit director on Avatar) brought the franchise to its highest Rotten Tomatoes rating, 56%. Also, the working title 5nal Destination never worked out, so kudos to them on dodging that bullet. On the down side, the movie opened third behind Rise of the Planet of the Apes and The Help, and dropped from part 4's opening weekend, likely killing plans to film parts 6 and 7 back-to-back.

But what did you think? Did the kills live up to the standard set in the previous four installments? (That link is as Not Safe For Work as the movies themselves, by the way.) Sound off in the comments below.

Meanwhile, here's the latest news and gossip for various upcoming projects, but as always, beware spoilers.

Speaking of the latest Planet of the Apes, director Rupert Wyatt got the chance to talk about potential sequel ideas now that his Rise reboot has done so well. And the man is on top of where this franchise is going. Besides continuing to focus on the ape characters with a Full Metal Jacket-inspired plotline of ape soldiers-in-training, Wyatt also talked about the apes moving into human cities, while (spoiler for Rises!) remaining humans move underground to avoid the man-killing virus James Franco's character accidentally created. Could moving the apes fully to the foreground mean that Franco may not be back for a sequel? Anyway, Wyatt went into more detail than what's here, so head to Bleeding Cool for more.

Would you like to see leaked location shoot pictures from The Avengers' climax, currently being shot in Cleveland? Sure you do, so here.

As the signage suggests, the Ohio city is standing in for New York - specifically, Times Square. And the place is wrecked, with flipped cars, torn up streets, and collapsed buildings. Meanwhile, a scene featuring Samuel L. Jackson's Nick Fury and Jeremy Renner's Hawkeye is to be shot in a NASA facility, as the plot apparently involves the Avengers Initiative teaming up with NASA itself.

Some supposed plot details from the upcoming Superman reboot Man of Steel reveals a scene in which the military, fighting Zod and Faora, blows up a poor, defenseless 7-Eleven convenient store. How. Dare. They. Plus, there's a suggestion that this film is an origin story, judging by mentions of Smallville and Supes discovering his powers.

So there's been some back and forth on this. Summarized: series 7 of who was ordered, with Eleventh Doctor Matt Smith and writer Steven Moffat, but no one else, confirmed. Then Karen Gillan confirmed she'd return as Amy Pond, but here's new word: Amy and Rory might settle down to raise Melody (aka baby River Song) on Earth, appearing at various times throughout the next series whenever the Doctor shows up on Earth. Theoretically, this would open the door for a brand-new main companion (River Song, finally?).

Something important to remember: basically every English newspaper exclusive needs to be taken with a grain of salt. But this certainly would be a way to change things up in the companion department, as the show is prone to do, without sending our beloved Ponds off for good.


That's it for now. Happy Spoilers, everybody!