This weekend, the final film in the build-up to next summer's Avengers team-up was released, and we're asking you what you thought. With over $65 million in box office and a 76% from top critics on Rotten Tomatoes, Captain America: The First Avenger seems to have lived up to the long wait since his last big-screen appearance in 1944 (we've decided to ignore the 1990 film, of course. Because it was never released in theaters, and also because we can).

But what did you think? How was Hugo Weaving as the Red Skull? Were they able to balance the Avengers foreshadowing with making the film a stand-alone story? Was the ending as bad as everyone says it was? We're putting down a blanket SPOILER WARNING for the comments, so feel free to talk about whatever part of the movie hit your fancy.

Plus! This weekend was Comic-Con, and we got some juicy news out of the various panels. From here on, beware that details about upcoming films and TV show arcs will be revealed:

Finally, more than a month after the confirmation of a series 7 with Matt Smith returning as the eleventh Doctor, Karen Gillan confirmed to a reporter this weekend that Amy Pond will return as well. I'm sure you'll all agree this is fantastic news. This will also make her one of the longer-running companions in Who history, and the longest-running of the 2005 revival (Billie Piper's Rose only served 2 series, though she popped up a few times after). So we now know that Amy Pond won't die in the second half of series 6 (premiering August 27th in Space HD!). Or maybe she will. After all, Rory's died like ten times now, but that hasn't stopped him.

Speaking of which, we haven't heard anything about Arthur Darvill's return for series 7... yet. Hopefully we'll hear soon. But if Rory's off the show, feel free to bet on what horrifying death will befall him down in the comments. As for other returning characters, John Borrowman confirms he'd love for Captain Jack Harkness to show up in the 50th Anniversary special planned for 2013 (though that doesn't necessarily mean it'll happen). Ninth Doctor Christopher Eccleston, however, has no desire to be a part of it - which, if you're a Who fan, you probably would've expected.

The new superhero drama co-created by Avengers co-writer Zak Penn (tying it all together! Boom!) went to the Con this week, and i09 spoke with its behind-the-scenes people about what's coming up on the show. Expect an appearance from Firefly's River Tam herself, Summer Glau, in some sort of plot related to government bureaucracy.

i09 has a summary of the Comic-Con panel, which includes talk of underwater battles, Captain Ackbar, scuba Troopers, a Rex story arc that takes place on a sun-less planet, and the eventual death of Ahsoka. For what it's worth, there's also some talk of what they won't be doing: supervising director David Filoni thinks it's more fun for fans to imagine what han Solo was like as a young man, rather than create a canonical depiction of him; also, in a hilarious-sounding bit, Filoni talked about a potential scene where Anakin Skywalker would teach Captain Ackbar what a "trap" was, turning the future Admiral's infamous moment in Return of the Jedi into an "a-ha moment." Head on over to the i09 link for a great read, plus a teaser trailer for the new season.

New director James Mangold is wasting no time getting fans pumped up about this sequel. Mangold has revealed the villain will be Silver Samurai, a martial arts master with teleportation abilities and a sword that can cut through just about everything - except Wolvie's adamantium skeleton. Should be interesting. This is also (probably, barring a major revamp of the Silver Samurai character) an indirect confirmation that despite the departure of director Darren Aronofsky from the project, Wolverine 2 is still taking place in Japan. Anyone excited by this choice of villain?

Lots of stuff to chew on. What say you, the fans? Sound off about any of these new, juicy spoilers below.