Canadian sci-fi fans have been clamoring to see the web exclusive RIESE that has only been available online in the U.S....until now! SPACE announced today that the hunt is set to begin in Canada early in 2011, premiering exclusively on

Centered around a reluctant heroine, Riese flees across the dying lands while being hunted by a terrifying religious group, The Sect. Her past is shrouded in mystery as even Riese can’t recall the events of the tragic night when her entire family was slaughtered and she was forced to flee. On her journey she will piece together her past and her destiny.

What The Globe and Mail has called “the hottest new Canadian fantasy series”,  the Steampunk-styled RIESE has a stellar cast with genre faves, including Emilie Ullerup and Ryan Robbins (Sanctuary), Allison Mack (Smallville), Alessandro Juliani (Battlestar Galactica), Patrick Gilmore (Stargate Universe), Sharon Taylor (Stargate Atlantis), Ben Cotton (Caprica) and starring Christine Chatelain (Sanctuary, Supernatural) as Riese. The series is narrated by Amanda Tapping (Stargate, Sanctuary).