(Photo from Primeval Season 4)

We're excited to announce today that SPACE has ordered a new original drama series known as Primeval: New World!

The series will run 13 one hour long episodes and will build on the UK Primeval mythology, taking place in the same universe that we've come to know and love.  The story will centre on a new Canadian team of animal experts taking on whatever past or future creatures come through the anomalies that are now appearing around the world.

The creative team behind New World boasts an all Canadian team of writers, and takes place in Vancouver, continuing the SPACE tradition of creating top quality original Canadian genre programming!

If you just can't wait for more dinosaur action, don't worry. Primeval season 4 will get an encore broadcast (but this time, in HD) starting Thursday September 22 and Primeval season 5 will pick up where 4 left off starting on November 10th!