Fighting robots , the apocalypse, the post-apocalypse, the robo-post-apocalypse. Those things typically fall into the blockbuster side of cinema, but when it does fall into the art house court? Well, that’s when it’s time to polish my reading glasses and prepare for the oodles of blogged essays.  Lars von Trier has been genre hopping for a while and now, maybe it’s something in the air, maybe it’s Malick sneaking a dinosaur in to his new puzzling project, but it looks like Trier’s new feature will be very space-minded. The sun, the planets, all of that.

The Antichrist and Dancer in the Dark director is now playing with the stars for his next heady film, Melancholia. Starring Kiefer Sutherland, Charlotte Gainsbourg, True Blood’s Alexander Skarsgard and Kirsten Dunst, Melancholia follows two sisters, a wedding and a new planet's revelation from hiding behind the sun and now on a collision course with Earth. Given the garb and tone of the trailer, I highly doubt this will lead Sutherland to assemble a team of rag tag rebel astronauts to implant a bomb in to that rogue planet in slow-motion.


Photo Credit: Getty Images