Hoo-boy, the drama really hit the fan on this week’s Heroes of Cosplay, which asked the question: how much is too much sex appeal? Warning to all you Jessica Nigri fans out there, this episode just TRASHES her style of cosplay to a point that gets really catty as three new cosplayers join the fray:

Chloe: Host of online series Jus Cos, who will be making her competition debut

Monika Lee: Protégé Of Yaya Han and youngest person on the show, who is starting to go down the skimpier path of cosplay

Riki: Like some of the cosplayers on the last show, she wants to go pro as a costume maker and even meets with Hellboy costume designer, Jose Fernandez

These three newbies—along with Victoria and Jesse from the last episode—find themselves struggling to create the perfect costumes to impress judge Yaya Han. This episode also focuses heavily on sex appeal over accuracy as Yaya worries about Monika’s choice to wear overly skimpy dresses (she blames Monika’s friendship with Jessica for this). Another theme involves some of the crueler rules of cosplay, like when larger fans wear what they want to wear. Quick personal note: I really REALLY loved Chloe on this episode. She represents the kinder side of cosplay that says “screw what you look like and just have fun,” which is nice with these other girls bashing anyone above a size 6.

Will Victoria and Jesse redeem themselves? Will Yaya throw a fit when she sees Monika’s costume? Will Riki impress Jose? Will Chloe survive the contest, and most of all, who will win? Watch and find out!