This week's all about upsets, of the happy, or at least laughable variety. Sure, there are loose themes about smugness or bad tude's you could TRY to latch on to these developments, or you can just ride the comeuppance train to schadenfreude station. Choo-choo, all aboard! If you look to your left, the biggest name in Street Fighter rival mopping gets a little damp himself, but that's not nearly the kind of whomping as seen gotten by some Aussie schemesters. Meanwhile, to the little indie charity folks, a MILLION DOLLARS.


Many shocks and awes and "awwws" over the weekend at EVO 2011, the high-stakes Vegas fighting game championship which has been throwing punches and fireballs since 2002.  This year introduced Marvel versus Capcom 3 and, for the first time, a Mortal Kombat game, but the biggest upset was the trouncing of Daigo "The Beast" Umehara, who had won the previous three years in a row with little challenge. In Street Fighter IV (the biggest tourney of the entire event.) Daigo was first knocked down a racket by Korean player Poongko (as Seth), Daigo was then finished off by this year's shooting star, American player Latif (as C.Viper.) With the wind at his back, Latif made it all the way to the final rounds, and if this be Rocky and Latif as the Rocky of this Rocky story, then this isn't one of those feel-good Rocky's. Latif lost the final round in an unceremonious butt-whooping by Japan's Fuudo (using Fei Long.) Don't worry, Latif, you'll get your second shot when Zangief kills Daigo in the ring, ushering your patriotically charged rise to revenge in Latif II.


The future. We love the future. Assuming the future loves us. Now imagine if we could have the future... today! No, the 8-Ball isn't getting it's act together, but the truth is still none-the-less mystifying. In a YouTube video that sounds like a high school comedy troop's riff on sales pitches, Australian tech team, Euclideon gives a firm preview of the future... NOW! MAYBE? Tired of polygons and pixels dominating your video games? Wish you could have a game world made of literally hand-crafted atoms that flesh out a realistic environment to shoot space lizards in? Euclideon says this can be done, and that they have done it. The internet, however, is incredibly skeptical. Sure, in order for a computer to run that sort of game it would need fixings all the money in the world can't afford, sure there aren't any animations in the demo and dozens of industry developers have shamed them for depending on whatever a vorxel is, and, sure, maybe this does look like a vague, sleazy way for some Aussies' to swipe some easy funding, but they promise this utopian gamer paradise is a reality. Promise, you guys. A reality of lounging elephants statues. It's a promise.

All The Rest

- Hey remember that Humble Indie Bundle last week? You didn't? Well someone did. It's made over a million dollars. And it gets sweeter. To celebrate, the bundle will now include an additional five games if you donate over five dollars. Which games? Try the biggest indie games ever made. Braid, Mechinarium, Osmos, plus Revenge of the Titans and Cortex Command. Careful now, Indie Bundle, you don't seem so humble no more.
- It may be Nintendo's biggest rival at the moment, but that's not stopping you, the nerdy consumer, from making your iPad look like a Game Boy.
- Arkham City unveiled the alternate costumes that will be featured in the game, and now that I mention it, have been featured in many other games as well...
- Diablo III will let you exchange in-game loot for real-world money, letting you become the laziest entrepreneur since those weirdos who sue everyone on Second Life.
- The Iwata Asks articles on Nintendo are always a keen read, but the latest chat with the creators of Star Fox is everything you wanted to know about the past, present and future of the games, falling short of "When will slippy go the way of Porkins?"
- A new Minecraft convention promises to bring the living in a cave fearing the outside world experience to life!
- A Cabela branded adventure game that is like Uncharted for people who hate wolves, a Valve made DotA 2, a Grasshopper made shoot-em-up, Borderlands 2, a next gen entry of an archaic FMV based now extinct genre, and a big anime hoe-down brouhaha are all things that will exist in the future

Game of the Week: Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet

Admittedly, it is the only new game out this week, but having few complaints and a significant amount of praises we're at not stranded on a game-less island. Directed by Canadian animator Michel Gagné, Insanely Intricate Goofy Name has you pilot a small, dark flying saucer through out a moody, stylized alien world. Taking heavy hints and ipso facto a combination of Metroid and Pixel Junk games, you collect unique power-ups, solve puzzels and defeat bosses who, in some way, are just a big angry puzzel. The game is an XBLA exclusive, so if you're more of the PSN type, Galaga Legions DX is yours for the taking, if you're the Steam type you can finally nab Limbo, and if you prefer WiiWare... Uhm... Uhhh... Who are you?