This week's theme is plagiarism. And man, in games, does that ever happen a whole lot. Sometimes it's a good thing, when one huge company emulates another's generally beneficial and rewarding strategy. Sometimes it's just kind of annoying, because everyone was already used to a certain, ahem, system of digital distribution and it's kind of clear you just want a piece of the money pie. And sometimes you are just a flat jerk who want's all of that money pie. That sweet, summer money pie.

Summer Time Fummer Time

Because Microsoft doesn't own a patent on summer fun, PlayStation has announced they are holding their own downloadable game seasonal special extravaganza, "PlayStation Play". Starting August 23rd, "PlayPlaytion Play Play" starts the play-date with having you play Street Fighter III Third Strike Online Edition, following weeks introducing DeathSpank sequel The Baconing, BloodRayne: Betrayal, Renegade Ops and, if you purchase all four titles, you get the upcoming Payday: The Heist for free. Play. You may notice that, unlike XBLA's play-less summer-whatever, many of these games are neither exclusive nor coming out for PSN first, but there are a couple bells and whistles that, in this practice, are more like free-t-shirts you'll never wear. Renegade Ops will come with a vehicle and character pack, the Baconing gets an exclusive co-op character, BloodRayne gets a PlayStation Home theme in case you still use PlayStation Home and, by far the most appealing of all, Third Strike will come with Gill already unlocked. And that, my friend, is a Greek-godsend.

Summer Time Sadness Time

Hey, champ, have you ever been so proud of an idea that you explode and go and do it and then in the high of your joy you do the most eccentric thing and give away your new whatever to the world and everyone loves you for it? Yeah that feels good. You know what feels terrible? Having that idea ripped off from you by another company as they then ride that quirky little thing to cash money. In short, Greg Wohlwend has found himself at a bit of a loss. His game, Radical Fishing, was given pro-bono to the world about a year ago. His goofy little violent fishing game found a bouncy cult audience that discovered a new devotion to blowing up fish. Fast-forward to now, when Gamenauts, an iOS studio that has made games that look suspiciously like FarmVille and suspiciously like that cake-game I forget the name of, have now made a game that looks fairly identical to Radical Fishing. Only with ninjas. I guess people love those ninjas. Ninja Fishing has certainly found itself an audience too, more specifically an audience that pays, jumping all the way up to the 8th top selling iOS game. Now, true, many games have and always will be ripped for another company's profit, and whoever monitors the rights of Tetris doesn't even seem to try anymore. Wohlwend, also, gave his game away for free... Sssssort of. If you are wondering why Wohlwend hadn't just put the game on iOS himself, the answer is he actually totally was. He just wasn't finished yet. He wanted to make the presentation a glowing shade of amazing. Gamenauts thought ninjas would be enough. Those naughty Nauts have already responded via-tweet, but it's hard to grasp where they're going when all they are willing to say is that whatever we know,"it's far from the "F@#% you" that had been reported." Wohlwend, however, has said, "Stanley Adrianus [of Gamenauts], if you were to offer a public apology, I’d forgive you. And even if you don’t, I forgive you anyway. Because if I can’t find a way to forgive you, I’ll just get swallowed up by this demon inside of me." Which is the poetically nice way of saying, "F@#% you too pal."

All The Rest

- EA confirmed that Battlefield 3 will not be available on Steam, and PC gamers will have to buy their game off their own, new service, Origin. Console gamers, however, will have to buy Battlefield 3 at a store.
- Both Catherine and From Dust are breaking sales records for their respected companies. Sounds to me like SOMEONE'S been taking my Game of the Week advice to heart.
- Will Arnett, Jason Bateman and Ridley Scott will all have something to do with upcoming content for Call of Duty, which does not guarantee if they will have direct direction over any new levels or even just end up as people you can shoot with fake guns.
- Some YouTube saint has uploaded a vintage news clip of parents being worried about the cost of a Super Nintendo and a news anchor royally sucking at F-Zero. Man, those squares don't even know what they have, these days that money wouldn't even cover a handheld system.
- Good news! An XBLIG title has finally broken the million dollar mark! Bad news! It's probably because people think it's MineCraft!
- Speaking of XBLIG, "game" makers Silver Dollar Games has brought you a being-bothered-by-your-cat-during-breakfast simulator.
- Angry Birds will grace the face of Alfred E. Neuman and MAD Magazine, meaning Angry Birds is now mainstream cannon. Go ahead, ask you dad if he's heard of Angry Birds.
- Might and Magic Heroes VI, a legitimate Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, an adventure game that will ask you about your personal philosophy, an iOS Battlefield and new Theme Park game are all things that will exist in the future.

Game of the Week: Gesundheit!

And bless you too. A tiny Canadian endeavor picked up by Japanese megalith Konami, Matt Hammill's Gesundheit! was inspired by his girlfriend's allergies, and the game itself does not spare a pick of snot. This quirky, cutesy, picture-book looking action puzzler adds to the pile of "Canadian iOS games that are actually more like real games and not just Angry Birds," as you lead your booger loaded piglet through mazes, obstacles and bosses that can only be thwarted with societies only true unlimited resource. Green goobers.