Listen, world, Gamescon just happened, PAX Prime is about to happen, Fan Expo is starting and I'm neck high in TIFF stress. I could try to squeeze a paragraph out of a stone, or I can just assault you with bite-sized zingers this week. No no, I'm not asking you for your opinion, that's just what I'm telling you.

- The XBLIG Summer Uprising has begun, encouraging Xbox owners to buy 50 cent games they have thus far seemed incredibly hesitant to try.
- A new book will look at the art of original Game Boy graphics, the accidental minimalism of reducing more complicated images into smaller resolution and also I am totally thinking about this too hard.
- Kanye West will be performing a live set at a new Call of Duty convention, upping the rap ante on Ice-T's endorsement of Gears of War and Soulja Boy's endorsement of Braid.
- GameStop got caught encouraging employees to open new copies of Deus Ex: Human Revolution and removing the On Live coupon so that customers won't lose reason in owning a physical copy and selling it back used. For shame, Eidos, do you know how it feels to run a particular business practice that deeply impairs the profit and product value of another hard working company? Do you know what that feels like to GameStop?
- Artist Campbell Whyte is doodling up every NES game ever released, thus far having completed till 1988. It's like an advent calander where Christmas is DuckTales 2.
- One World's Greatest-Dad decided to deal with his lazy child the only logical way, adorable video-game inspired violence.
- The Studio Ghibli video game may be coming out for the PS3 after all, though, the price may beg the question on just how big a fan you really are.
- RoboCop avatar outfits will soon be available on XBL. This is the part where I'd say, "I'd buy that for a dollar" if Microsoft actually let you use exact change instead of shelling out for their own loopy currency.
- The OwlBoy demo is out. You folks like fun, right?
- Disney is underway with a movie about video games, which I am sure will do better than the many bargain bin video games about their movies.
- A pretty anime-style gravity-based action game, a design-minded racer, an Antiques Roadshow game, a new Virtua Fighter and a new game from the 999 team are all things that will exist in the future.

Game of the Week: Deus Ex: Human Revolution
The long anticipated next-gen prequel to the cyberpunk opus, Deus Ex, finally jacks in this week to a cheering audience of those guys who have kept their black leather trench coats since Matrix Reloaded. JC Denton is no longer your cold-as-ice compuman as you now take control of Adam Jensen, an ex-SWAT whose survived a terrorist attack, though that's not to say all of him survived. Now with techno-augmentations to his body, Jensen must master fighting, stealth and, of course, hacking in order to get to the bottom of this juicy, beefy conspiracy. And so begins a new generation of people who think hacking is far more exciting that it actually is.