History was made at Fan Expo this morning, where a new Guinness World Record was set for largest-ever gathering of Daleks. Thanks to some very dedicated and crafty Doctor Who fans (seriously, you guys know how to wield a hot glue gun) the previous world record of 95 Daleks—set in Leicester, England in 2008—was handily exterminated. The new number to beat: a fantastic 156. 

While all the Dalek costumes followed a crucial set of basic guidelines, there was huge variation in their overall looks. A row of impressively true-to-TV Daleks formed a semicircle at the front of the room, several of which could blow smoke or speak in the classic robotic Dalek voice. (One of these souped-up Daleks even broadcast Queen’s “We Are the Champions” when the record break was announced.) From there, the basic Dalek characteristics were modified into countless variations: a nurse Dalek, a baby Dalek, a Chippendale-esque Dalek who only wore gold bootie shorts and a helmet, even a Batman Dalek. It was also very cool to see so many of the girls create stylish Dalek dresses—some of them wouldn’t make a bad Saturday-night outfit.

The proceedings were MC’d by British actor Colin Baker, who played the Sixth Doctor for two seasons back in 1984-1986. As the somewhat tedious counting process got underway, Baker strolled around the room assessing standout costumes and doling out hugs. Extra kudos were given to record-breaking Dalek #96, a Scotsman whose costume was made from blue tartan. 

The record still needs to be officially confirmed by Guinness (which will probably happen within the next month or so), but barring some kind of monumental intervention—like, say, a real Dalek attack—it would seem the achievement’s been unlocked. Congrats to all the fans who came out!