We’ve got some more teasers from the set of Bitten to perk up your Monday morning. In the photos below, you can get your first gander at some of “The Mutts,” a not-very-friendly term used by members of The Pack to describe werewolves that aren’t part of their group. Although The Pack are the longstanding leaders of the werewolf realm, it seems The Mutts are trying to assert some authority of their own. The Mutts getting aggressive in these first pics are Cain (portrayed by Noah Danby), Marsten (played by Pascal Langdale), and Leblanc (brought to life by actor Curtis Caravaggio). Scroll down to check ‘em out!

From left to right: Cain (Noah Danby), Leblanc (Curtis Caravaggio) and Marsten (Pascal Langdale)

Showing some Mutt muscle.