1. Doctor Who: Tales from the TARDIS (Monday 9e 6p)

In this all-new special, Doctor Who actors and producers share stories from their days travelling the universe and the ages. Matt Smith, David Tennant, Tom Baker, and Peter Davison are all interviewed about their experience playing the Doctor, while Jenna Coleman, Karen Gillan, Freema Agyeman, and William Russell discuss what it’s like to be a companion. The special will also feature new interview content from Steven Moffat!

2. An Adventure in Space and Time (Friday 9e 6p)

In advance of the Doctor Who 50th anniversary, this new biopic will retrace the Doctor’s first trip to the tube. Written by Mark Gatiss, the special tells the story of William Hartnell, the actor who portrayed the first Doctor, and the production crew that took Doctor Who from a wacky idea into one of the most iconic sci-fi shows ever. David Bradley plays Hartnell, alongside Jessica Laine as producer Verity Lambert, Sacha Dhawan as director Waris Hussein, and Brian Cox as TV executive Sydney Newman.

3. InnerSpace covers the Doctor Who 50th anniversary (Saturday afternoon)

InnerSpace is going to be all over The Day of the Doctor like the TARDIS on the galaxy. Before The Day of the Doctor premieres at 2:50pm ET, catch InnerSpace: Before the Day of the Doctor at 2:30pm ET. Then, once it’s all over, Ajay, Morgan and Teddy will be dissecting every little moment on After the Day of the Doctor: InnerSpace Live shortly after 4:00pm ET.  

4. The Day of the Doctor (Saturday 2:50e 11:50p)

It’s here! It’s here! It’s finally freaking here! There’s obviously just one thing you absolutely, positively, cannot, must not, will not miss this week: The Day of the Doctor, the long-awaited Doctor Who 50th anniversary special, makes its debut at last this Saturday afternoon. Get your popcorn ready—and possibly some Kleenex too.

5. Doctor Who Revisited marathon (all day Sunday)

You’re gonna have a big ol' Doctor Who hangover on Sunday—and the only cure is going to be more Doctor Who. All day long, Space will be re-airing episodes from Doctor Who Revisited, starting at 6:00am ET and ending at 7:00pm ET. Plus, on Saturday night, you can catch several Doctor Who specials, including Doctor Who: Best of the Monsters, Doctor Who: Tales from the TARDIS, and Doctor Who: The Companions. See the schedule for full details.